Worldly Wisdom?

29 Jan 2017 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Worldly Wisdom?

Sweden-20110906-090Spiritual writers often define humility as simply being in conformity with reality, as opposed to egotism, pride and arrogance which elevate oneself artificially and erroneously as more important than the finite creature one actually is.

In today’s readings we hear a lot about the need for humility (meek, poor in spirit, peacemakers, etc.) if one is to be in touch with God and reality. If we look carefully, even St. Paul is asking for humility.  Something that appears to be foolish by “…the standards of the world…” but which in reality actually confounds the world in its erroneous values!

Today’s Gospel proclaims the new law, i.e. the Beatitudes, which fine tune the Old Law of Moses. Without abrogating the Commandments, it asks us to form consciences which go beyond the Commandments. These are the attributes which identify Christians. We’ve heard them many times, but too often we push them into the background of our consciousness. Are we in touch with reality? Or are we deluding ourselves with the “wisdom of this world”?

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