Will You Follow Jesus?

7 Oct 2018 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Will You Follow Jesus?

Today’s readings challenge us to contemplate why God created the universe in the first place. He wanted a community of persons who would live in mutually self-effacing love: to reflect his own intra Trinitarian existence. Anyone thinking that such love by creatures comes naturally or is easy, seriously deludes himself.

To help humans learn to truly love one another, God established marriage (that they be one flesh). The first man failed, and every generation has been falling since. The reality is our incessant inclination to put our self-interests ahead of caring for our fellow human beings pulls us away from the Lord!

Today’s Gospel speaks for itself with no need for explanation. Because we are selfish it is a hard demand. Notice how vehemently it is rejected by the rampantly selfish culture which surrounds us. The constant demand for a holy life is to face our personal selfishness. Notice that today’s Gospel immediately moves on to point out that we need to maintain the attitude of little children, i.e. they are completely dependent on others.

We, too, need to be constantly aware of the need to depend on God for his graces. To put aside our selfishness inevitably involves suffering such a radical change. This is why the Christian way of life embraces suffering. Jesus leads the way on the path to salvation. He asks us to follow.

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