What Would You Choose?

5 Jan 2019 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on What Would You Choose?

St. Matthew’s Gospel refers to Herod as King. We need to be aware that while the Herods reigned over God’s people, the Jews, as a result of cunning and assistance from the Romans, they were foreigners (Idumean) and not Jews. Consequently, they were constantly worried that the Jews would revolt against them. They tried to win favor from the Jews by building a new large and magnificent Temple for them, but at the same time built numerous fortresses throughout the country, to flee to for safety, should a rebellion break out.

In fact there was an atmosphere of expectation among the people based on the words of the prophets (e.g. Isaiah in first reading) that a new era under a Davidic king was imminent. This is significant for explaining Herod’s actions when the Magi arrived asking where they might find the newborn “king” of the Jews. He would rather maintain his ill gained power and prestige than accede to God’s intentions.

Human nature hasn’t changed. Throughout history, men had rather increase the evil they had done than repent and give up their ill-gotten gains. It holds true right up to the present. Would you rather maintain the status quo, with all its man induced evils? Or will you accept your vocation to build up a new creation according to God’s plan?

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