Seize the Day!

26 Jun 2016 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Seize the Day!

Sweden-20110906-090The philosophers of the ancient world had an axiom: “Carpe diem”, literally: seize the day. Some may remember the 1989 Robin Williams movie: Dead Poets Society which interpreted that phrase to mean live the present moment with gusto. Spiritual guides in the Christian era used the phrase: “the sacrament of the present moment” wherein they focused on the uniqueness of each given moment in the circumstances of each unique life as an opportunity to grow in holiness.

Today’s Scripture readings seem to be reminding us that God is not a big fan of procrastination, diffusion, or excuses for hesitation when He has something in mind for us to do. Not to seize the sacrament of the present moment might even be spiritually fatal.

In the primitive Aramaic that Jesus spoke “muth” was the only word used to express the past, present and future forms of the word death. Which therefore could mean have died, is dying, and/or will die.

Biblical scholars therefore believe that in modern English what Jesus said to the man in today’s Gospel who wanted to delay his calling was: “Let those who are going to die (i.e. who choose to die), bury those who have already died.” The implication is: if you want life, do as I ask, NOW!

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