Pentecost Sunday

15 May 2016 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Pentecost Sunday

Sweden-20110906-090The importance of today’s feast, one of the “big three” of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, gives the priest celebrant the option of several Scriptural readings from which to choose. All of them however, reflect various aspects of the new life which is ours as a result of Christ ascending to heaven and the consequent bestowal of His Holy Spirit, our Advocate, upon us!

Through this gift, we are now people of the Spirit!  Said another way: We are a people who strive to understand God’s Word as the Holy Spirit intended when He inspired the sacred authors to write the Holy Scriptures. We are a people who strive to see what God is asking us to accomplish in our various stations in life.  And we are a people who strive to preserve, during the trials of this life, the vision of our final destiny with God in heaven!

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