22 Apr

Walk the Walk…

Today we conclude what once was a week long celebration of Easter. Today’s first reading recounts, perhaps idealistically, the characteristics of the first generation of believers: “They devoted themselves to the teaching of the Apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers.”

Two thousand years later we can still relate to three of those four hallmarks. But in our recent eras of ingrained excessive individualism, it would appear that communal life is quite a reach for us. Yes, we continue to regularly hear that we should be alert to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. But, do we recognize that sharing our material goods is not enough. Is it enough to merely share what is external to ourselves without sharing what is interior (i.e. our faith) as well!

Many of us seem to smugly rely on the saying of St. Francis of Assisi who said: “Preach the Gospel; if necessary use words.” While at the same time forgetting that in St. Francis’ world everyone was already a Catholic. Saints Peter and Paul certainly did not traverse the Roman Empire with their lips zippered closed!

Perhaps it is time to examine our consciences as to what sharing in common requires of us in the Twenty-first Century?

21 Apr

Thank You Volunteers!

We would like to thank all those who helped in any way to make our Easter liturgies so meaningful. Whether you decorated, cleaned or helped set up, we couldn’t have done it without YOU!! Also thanks to our Holy Week Flower Committee, Altar Rosary Cleaning Committee, Tony and Smitty for all your hard work.

21 Apr

Read A Good Book Lately?

The Sacred Heart Community recently procured a collection of books featuring contemporary Christian literature. The books are available on the bookshelf located on the Choir Loft level. Please stop by, take a seat on our plush couches, and select a book that will broaden your understanding of the Catholic faith and yourself!

15 Apr


As if it needs to be mentioned, Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, is the greatest and most central of all Christian feasts, and for believers the focal point of the entire year.

Today we recall that moment in history which governs all events which preceded it and all which have followed since. Christ is risen! He has obliterated sin. He has conquered sin’s worse consequence, death. He has thrown open the gates of heaven for us. This is indeed wonderful and cause for shouting halleluiah!

We need to be careful, nevertheless to make sure that we don’t honor this as a merely abstract and non-personal idea. Rather we need to place ourselves in the middle of it. Our beating hearts need to be pounding with gratitude over the magnitude and loving generosity of this great gift – which is for each individually and personally, and not simply the human race in general.

“Let us give thanks to the Lord Our God. It is right and just.”

15 Apr

Wishing You a Blessed Easter!

On behalf of the parish and school staff, we would like to wish all of our parishioners and visitors a Blessed Easter. May the Risen Christ fill you with every grace and blessing during this Easter Season. Father Yanas, Father Vaughan andFather Powhida
15 Apr

Confirmation Class News

Parable Film Festival – Come join us on Sunday, April 30 for our first ever “Film Festival” at Sacred Heart. We will be viewing our Youth Ministry’s homemade movies from our “Parable Video Challenge”, there will be snacks, special guest judges and even a prize for the winning team!
Confirmation – Rehearsal on Monday, May 15 at 7pm in the Church. Confirmation sponsors should be in attendance. The sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Thursday, May 18 at 7pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

15 Apr

2017 Bishop’s Appeal

Each year between Easter and Pentecost Sunday, we are asked by our Bishop to make our annual parish contribution to the Bishop’s Appeal. Commitment weekend is April 29-30. This is our 63rd year and this year’s campaign theme is “Being Ambassadors for Christ.”

When making your gift, please reflect on the positive things that will happen as a result of your mercy and generosity to the 2017 Bishop’s Appeal. Your gift, no matter the size, is a tangible act of love for the Lord and His Church. Pray that we have great success this year! – Alice Swertinski and Father Yanas

9 Apr

Cross The Line!

Palm Sunday GraphicScholars tell us that at the time of Jesus, the Jewish people felt under great pressure because of so many powerful foreign influences which might weaken if not completely destroy their special relationship with God. As a result, there was a heightened and widespread expectation that their long awaited Messiah would appear. Unfortunately, they projected onto the image they had of the Messiah characteristics and activities they wanted, rather than accept what God intended for their ultimate good.

So today we hear of the great enthusiasm with which crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem, perhaps thinking He would be the wonder worker who would restore their pride and glory and make life just generally wonderful. The question inevitably arises: where was this crowd but a few days later when Jesus was unjustly executed? What does this tell us about the fickleness and cowardice of human nature?

We too live in a time when our religious beliefs are under great pressure. Will we join the fickle mobs of our contemporary culture with their fads incompatible with Christian living and who will turn on us if we don’t conform?

Or will we cross the line and stand with Christ? God’s ways are not our ways. They weren’t then and they aren’t now.

9 Apr

Divine Mercy Services Scheduled

Divine Mercy services will be held on Sunday,  April 23 at 2pm at St. Ambrose Church in Latham. There will be a Holy Hour, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Mass. (No confessions) Father Jeffrey L’Arche, M.S. will be the celebrant. A good will offering will be collected. Questions, call 462-4108.

8 Apr

Carondelet Confections Party

The Sisters of St. Joseph will be hosting a Carondelet Confections Party at St. Joseph’s Provincial House in Latham on Sunday, April 23 from 2-4pm. Tickets are $15. Download the flyer here:  Carondelet Confections Party Flyer 2017  or call Call Kris at (518) 389-2654.

Only 300 tickets will be sold. there will be delicious desserts, a “Big Money Raffle”, a 50-50 raffle and numerous other raffles.

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