World Wide Marriage Encounter

Like in the gospel this weekend, sometimes our minds need to be opened to know what God has done for us, and what he wants for us in our marriage. Deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

The next Weekends are Nov 3-4, 2018 in ALBANY, NY and Apr 21-22, 2018 in Brewster, MA. For more information, call Ed & Rhonda Staats at 518-279-3243 or visit them at https://www.wwmenyalb.org.


Mass Schedule for Our Local Catholic Community

Sacred Heart4:00 pm8:30 & 10:30 am9:00 am
St. Jude4:00 pm9:00 & 11:00 am8:00 am
St. Michael4:30 pm7:30 & 10:00 am12:10 pm (Mon. – Thurs.)

Charity…It’s a Commandment!

Today’s first reading reflects the thinking of the first generation of Christians. Clearly these first Christians were  generous in sharing their possessions.  But, perhaps this generosity may have been influenced by the thought that they wouldn’t have to live very long before Christ’s second coming.

How many of us have experienced persons who expect to die soon exhibit this same generosity? Our problem, however, is that two thousand years later Jesus still hasn’t returned, and most of us are not contemplating dying in the near future.

So what kind of generosity do we have? That great doctor of the Church, Thomas Aquinas teaches that for those who have little, sharing what we have with those who have less, is true charity. He also teaches that for those who have much, sharing with the poor goes beyond charity… it is a commandment! Wow! That’s scary. Isn’t it?

Perhaps we are not as merciful as God would like us to be.


Altar Bread and Wine

Did you know that a donation may be made to purchase the monthly altar bread and/or wine offered at each Eucharistic celebration as a memorial for a deceased loved one or to commemorate a special event. For more information, please call the parish office at 274-1363.

Altar Bread and Wine for the month of April has been gifted in memory of Thomas J. Cooley, Sr. from Nancy Alund and Suzanne Turner.


Faith Formation News

Sacred Heart Faith Formation Grades 1-8: NEXT CLASS will be Monday, April 9 from 6-7:30pm. April 14 is a Spring Service Project.

Youth Ministry: Saturday, April 14 from 10am-4pm is a MANDATORY Confirmation Retreat. If there is a conflict please notify Erin Ingold at eriningold@gmail.com as soon as possible.


School News

Annual Auction Update: “The Wonderful World of Sacred Heart School” Our biggest fundraiser event of the year will be April 28, at the Franklin Terrace on Campbell Avenue, Troy. Invitation packets are in the main hallway on the wooden table outside of the church/school office. Please consider joining us for this fun event!

Spring Cleaning: Please remember the donation bin located in the parking lot as you begin your spring cleaning. Clothing and shoes may be deposited into the bin (no household or other items please).


Easter Blessings!

On behalf of the parish and school staff, we would like to wish all of our parishioners and visitors a Blessed Easter.

May the Risen Christ fill you with every grace and blessing during this Easter Season.

Father Yanas and Father Vaughan


He is Risen!

Rejoice and be glad! Today, for believers, is the most important day/celebration of the entire year!

Our theme should be that of the response after the first reading: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.” Why? Because it contains the promise of everlasting life for those who are willing to embrace Jesus on His terms.

Yes, expect this to have its challenges, as we heard only this past week in the Passion accounts. And yes, we live at a time when many around us couldn’t care less, or may even be hostile to those wishing to follow Jesus. So, more often than not, we find it necessary to swim against the current.

We must ever keep the vision in our minds, love in our hearts, and the plea for perseverance in our prayers.  Why? Because we have heard and accepted the good news: He has died for us and is now risen, conquering death, so that we might do the same!


The Way of the Cross

“He gave himself in that moment to all men and women who would pledge themselves to Him… and to all those who persevere in the faith, nailed to it by their own baptismal vows, no matter what hardships it may involve them in; nailed to it willingly because they know well that without Christ they can do nothing, and that Christ in this world is inseparable from His cross.” – Excerpted from The Way of the Cross by  Caryll Houselander


The Way of the Cross

“We are here to help Christ blindly. We must know him by faith, not by vision. We must help him not only in those who seem to be Christlike, but more in those in whom Christ is hidden: in the most unlikely people, in those whom the world condemns.” – Excerpted from The Way of the Cross by  Caryll Houselander

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