20 Aug

Prepare the Way

Have you noticed that in this particular liturgical cycle/year, since June 25th for the second reading we have been hearing from the Epistle to the Romans.  (This will continue through September 17th.)

The reason for this is that the Church desires that we be familiar with both St. Paul’s Epistle and the Gospels. (Perhaps, this would be a good opportunity to read and reflect on the entire Epistle in the privacy of our homes, as a way of preparing for the bits and pieces which we hear during the Liturgy!)

In today’s reading St. Paul reflects on the fact that while God calls all peoples, and we have a missionary responsibility from Baptism to be agents of that call, nevertheless, the Jews have a special place in salvation history. Not only were they the first to be called, and God’s election is irrevocable, but they prepared the way for the rest of the human race (Gentiles).

According to St. Paul, now in the Christian era it is our turn to prepare the way for them in return. “For all of us are sinners” as St. Paul reminds us, we all are in need of forgiveness and God’s salvation through Jesus, the Messiah.

All are called to the fellowship of the Lord’s table. We have a role to play in this!

19 Aug

Faith Formation: Make the Community a Classroom!

A recent parish survey revealed that parents are looking for more hands-on activities and community service projects in our Grades 1-8 Faith Formation Program.

As we start to incorporate this feedback into our program, starting this September we will be moving our regular class times for Grade 1-8 Faith Formation to Monday Nights from 6-7:30PM. The new time gives us greater flexibility to work with community partners and outside resources. To see your child encounter Jesus in the face of the least of our brothers and sisters, go to the Sacred Heart Website and download your registration form. We look forward to encountering Christ with you!

19 Aug

Youth Ministry Registration Open

Registration Forms for Confirmation Class 2017-2018 are now available on our parish website, in the back of the Church and in the Church Office.

Registrations are due by September 1st, and a class schedule will be emailed to parents upon receiving registration forms (if you prefer for a hard copy of the class schedule to be mailed to your house instead of email, please specify on the registration form). This is a two year Confirmation Preparation program, starting in 9th grade. Please email Erin Ingold with any questions or concerns. Thank You!!

19 Aug

Faith Formation Registration Open

GRADES 1-8 – Registration forms are available on the Faith Formation Page on the parish web site, are located in the rear of church, or may be picked up in the rectory office.

Please refer to the SH Faith Formation (Grades 1-8) Enrollment Form 2017-2018 for fees. Registration forms are due to the church office by Friday September 8, 2017.

If you volunteer as a catechist and have children enrolled in the Sacred Heart Faith Formation program, tuition for no more than one child is waived for each year you are a volunteer catechist.

19 Aug

Catholic Home Missions

There will be a special collection next weekend, August 26 and 27 for the Catholic Home Missions Appeal. Many dioceses right here in the United States do not have enough priests and trained lay ministers to serve their parishes. These dioceses are known as home missions. They struggle to fund basic and essential pastoral works such as parish faith formation, priestly and religious formation, Lay ministry training, evangelization and are unable to attend to the unique needs of the communities they serve. With your support, the Catholic Home Missions Appeal helps ease the struggle and form vibrant faith communities.

18 Aug

RCIA Registration Open

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) If you or someone you know is interested in receiving any of the initiatory sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation or Holy Eucharist, please contact the rectory at 274-1363.

18 Aug

Roarke Center Food Collection

Next time you visit the supermarket, please remember to pick up a contribution for the Roarke Center. The collection box is in the church’s rear hallway. It’s a quick and easy way to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you.

13 Aug

Fear Not!

The first reading today reminds us once again that God’s modus operandi in dealing with us is not to impose upon us his mighty power, no lightning bolts, no earthquakes, no conflagration, but rather to give us but a gently nudge (like a breeze).

In today’s second reading, St. Paul, who was born, educated and gloried in the fact that he was a member of God’s chosen people expresses his anguish that so many of his fellow recipients of God’s call have failed to respond to that gentle nudge.

Perhaps we are like St. Peter in today’s Gospel who when called did not hesitate to respond in faith, but out of fear of the consequences, soon wavered and began to sink. How many times in the Gospels do we hear Jesus telling his followers to fear not?

Be alert to God’s gentle nudges, and fear not, not only initially, but continually (persevere in Christian boldness)!

12 Aug

Congratulations Father Powhida

Father Powhida has decided to retire effective Friday, September 1. Please keep him in your prayers as he begins this next phase of his ministry. Details of when he will celebrate his last Mass here at Sacred Heart will follow.

11 Aug

Five Ways to Improve Reception of Communion

“The greatest and most sublime action that the human person can do while living is to receive Holy Communion, in the state of grace, in a most worthy manner.” – Fr. Ed Broom, OMV.

To read the balance of Fr. Broom’s compelling discussion of the Holy Eucharist click on the link: http://catholicexchange.com/five-ways-to-improve-our-reception-of-holy-communion

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