Happy Father’s Day

On behalf of Father Vaughan, the staff and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our fathers
and grandfathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

All fathers and grandfathers both living and deceased will be remembered in the masses and prayers throughout the month of June.

Fr. Yanas


World Wide Marriage Encounter

Happy Father’s Day! Take time for your marriage by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next Weekends are Nov 3-4, 2018 in ALBANY, NY and Jul 6-8, 2018 in Manchester, CT.

For more information, call Ed & Rhonda Staats at 518-279-3243 or visit them at https://www.wwmenyalb.org.


Please Make A Note Of It

Please note, beginning on Monday, June 25th, 2018 the weekday Mass schedule at Sacred Heart will be Tuesday – Friday at 9:00pm. (There will no longer be a Monday morning mass at Sacred Heart.)  If you already have a Mass scheduled for a Monday on or after June 25th. please call the rectory to reschedule.


The Summer Mass Schedule for our Local Catholic Community is as follows:

Sacred Heart: Saturday – 4:00pm, Sunday – 8:30 & 10:30am, Weekday – Tuesday through Friday 9:00am.

St. Jude: Saturday – 4:00pm, Sunday – 9:00 & 11:00am, Weekday – Monday through Friday 8:00am.

St. Michael: Saturday – 4:30pm, Sunday – 7:30 & 10:00am, Weekday – Monday through Thursday 12:10pm


School News

ECP Moving Up and Early Dismissal: Our Early Childhood Program (ECP) will be celebrating their Moving Up Ceremony on Tuesday, June 19 at 10:00 am. Students in K-5 will be dismissed at 11:30am.

Last Day of School: The last day of school for the 2018 school year will be Wednesday, June 20th. Grades K-5 students will dismiss at 10:30 am and the Kindergarten Accomplishment Day will follow at the Huck Finn’s Playland.


Modern-day Corinthians?

During the Sundays in Ordinary Time in this part of the Liturgical year, the second reading is taken from the second Epistle to the Corinthians.

St. Paul spent a significant amount of time evangelizing in Corinth during the early years of his missionary efforts. Yet, after he left, he felt obliged to write not just one, but several letters to the Corinthians. Why might that be? Scripture scholars tell us that the Corinthians had a tendency to think that once they were baptized and had the Eucharist, they no longer needed to worry about sin, despite the fact that their lives clearly reflected less than perfect charity.

What is the relevance for us? In our era of smug, predictable religious practice with long lines for Communion and nonexistent lines for Confession, perhaps, just perhaps, we might be making the same mistake as those Corinthians.

Should we make ourselves more familiar with the Epistles to the Corinthians, we might grow fonder of the axiom from St. Paul: “We work out our salvation in fear and trembling.”


We’re Getting There!

2018 Bishop’s Appeal Update: As of last Thursday, we have received $57,680 towards our assessment of $72,564. That figure puts Sacred Heart at 79.5% of our goal!

Sacred Heart was honored to have Bishop Edward Scharfenberger participate in the Eucharistic Procession portion of our Feast Day Celebration. Let’s show him our appreciation and support for this worthy cause which funds literally hundreds of programs throughoput the Diocese, by meeting… or exceeding our goal for the second year in a row!

If you have not made a pledge yet, please do so. Every gift no matter how small will help us reach our goal!! Thank you to all that have contributed so generously.


Marriage Encounter

“Everything indeed is for you, so that the grace bestowed in abundance on more and more people may cause the thanksgiving to overflow for the glory of God.”

Learn what graces God bestows on your marriage by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next Weekends are Nov 3-4, 2018 in ALBANY, NY and Jul 6-8, 2018 in Manchester, CT.

For more information, call Ed & Rhonda Staats at 518-279-3243 or visit them at https://www.wwmenyalb.org.


2018 Feast Day Celebration

Pray, Process…Party! On June 1st, our community observed its Third Annual Sacred Heart Feast Day Celebration.

The primary purpose of the celebration which immediately followed our “First Friday Holy Hour” and a Eucharistic Procession through the streets of our Eastside Neighborhood was to provide an opportunity for us to come together as a Catholic community with our Eastside neighbors and friends.  We were thrilled to host 425 – 475 on our community grounds.

Entertainment, food and drink sales at the festival yielded roughly $3,000. Sacred Heart recognizes the extreme generosity and support of our community and gives thanks to everyone who played a role in the success of our Feast Day Celebration!

Below are a few photos from this wonderful expression of faith, community and Catholic tradition!


Ask Fr. Josh

A new feature at Ascension Press, Fr. Josh Johnson answers questions about life, faith and morality in his weekly podcast.  This week Fr. Josh discusses: the Rosary, Working on Sundays, and Natural Family Planning (NFP).

To visit the Ascension Press site and access Fr. Josh’s podcasts for this week click on the link below:

Ascension Press Ask Fr. Josh

If you have a question, comment, or a response for Fr. Josh, email us at askfrjosh@ascensionpress.com. You may hear your question or comment in an upcoming podcast episode!

Meet Your Host, Fr. Josh Johnson:

While Fr. Josh was raised Catholic, he didn’t like the Church growing up. One day, in adoration, he fell in love with Jesus and received the call to become a priest. Now, Fr. Josh is the pastor for Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Louisiana, and he is a presenter in two of Ascension’s programs: Altaration, and YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body.



Parents seeking Baptism for their child please call the rectory (518) 274-1363 during regular business hours  to schedule an appointment with the Pastor and to to begin the process for the sacrament.

Parents who are not currently practicing members of the Catholic faith, may  inquire about Sacred Heart’s RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation-Adults) program designed to provide instruction and offer support to those wishing to become full members of the Catholic Church.


Follow Us!

Follow Us! Follow Us!


Sacred Heart Church, Troy, seeks a motivated, organized and dynamic individual for the position of Pastoral Associate for Human Resources, Administration, Logistics and Operations (H.A.L.O.)
If interested, please review the position description below and contact (518)274.1363 for more information.
H.A.L.O. Position Description


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The Catholic Community of Sacred Heart welcomes all people to join in our celebration of Gods love. Through prayer, education, and caring for others, we strive to serve the needs of Gods people, thereby gaining a richer understanding of the gospel message.

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Please call the Rectory (274-1363) weekdays for an appointment at least six months in advance of wedding.

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If you, or a loved one is admitted to the hospital, it is important that you identify yourself to the hospital as a member of Sacred Heart Parish or contact the Rectory (274-1363) to inform us of your hospitalization.

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