14 Jun

Mass Schedule Changes

Beginning on Sunday, 18 June 2017, Sacred Heart will shift the times of our Sunday masses to 8:30 A.M. and 10:15 A.M. This shift will remain in effect during the summer season.  Please make a note of it!

7 Jun

Mass Schedule Changing

Beginning on Sunday, 18 June 2017, Sacred Heart will shift the times of our Sunday masses to 8:30 A.M. and 10:15 A.M. This shift will remain in effect during the summer season.  Please make a note of it!

4 Jun

The Era Of The Spirit!

The feast we celebrate today marks the inauguration of the final era in human history: the era of the Spirit. Today’s Scripture readings remind us of some of the marvelous consequences as a result of the gift of the Spirit, e.g. the ability to communicate with others no matter what the language differences.

The Old Testament gave us a number of hints as to what God has in mind for our destiny in the Spirit, e.g. “…beating swords into plowshares…” etc. Jesus taught in the New Testament that if our faith is strong enough, we could move mountains or be like the mustard seed, so tiny to start, but ends up as a large tree. Jesus promised that He would come again. We miss the boat if we fail to recognize that He has in fact done so by sending us His Spirit. Our job is to transform our world (swords to plowshares, etc.) by first spreading the faith. As has been pointed out: with God we can do anything; without Him we can do nothing.

In this final era of the Spirit, we are no longer waiting for God; rather, God is waiting for us!

3 Jun

Faith Formation News

Registration Schedule 2017-2018
Early Bird Registration: (until June 9, 2017) Registrations received and dated no later than Friday, June 9, receive the special early bird tuition rate of $40.00 per child.
Regular registration: (June 10, 2017 – August 31, 2017) Registrations received and dated Saturday, June 10, – Thursday, August 31, receive the regular tuition rate of $50.00 per child, and $45.00 for each additional child.

After September 1, 2017: Registrations received and dated on or after Friday, September 1, is $60.00 per child.

If you volunteer as a catechist and have children enrolled in the Sacred Heart Faith Formation program, tuition for no more than one child is waived for each year you are a volunteer catechist.

3 Jun

Mission 2017

Family Matters! Don’t Blink! St. Henry’s Church in Averill Park will be holding a three-day Mission beginning on Monday, June 5 through Wednesday, June 7 at 6pm. For more information, call St. Henry’s Rectory at 518-674-3818.

2 Jun

School News

Family Fun Day and Race for Education: The school children and their families will be gathering at the Grafton State Park on Tuesday, June 6th in celebration of Family Fun Day and to perform the Race for Education walk. The day is filled with the walk followed by a snack, sand castle contests, beach games and swimming. Parents transport their child/children to and from the event and many bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

31 May

Mass Times Changing

Beginning on Sunday, 18 June 2017, Sacred Heart will shift the times of our Sunday masses to 8:30 A.M. and 10:15 A.M. This shift will remain in effect during the summer season.  Please make a note of it!

28 May

A People of Prayer

St. Luke wrote two related volumes: His version of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. More than any of the other Gospel writers St. Luke recounts that during His life Jesus often took time out to pray. The culmination of Jesus’ praying was His agony in the garden on the Mt. of Olives the night before He was crucified. As we all know, the outcome of that prayer was to do the Father’s will, no matter what that might cost Him.

It is not insignificant that in the interval between the Ascension of Christ (the departure of His physical presence) and the sending of His Spirit, which we will celebrate, next Sunday on the Pentecost that St. Luke has the Apostles return to Jerusalem via the Mt. of Olives… the very place where Jesus last prayed! And what does he have them do next? “They devoted themselves with one accord to prayer…”

There is no avoiding it. If we are serious about communing with God, we must be people of prayer.


27 May

Some Gave All… All Gave Some

Prayer on Memorial Day: Lord Jesus Christ, today we honor the memory of those men and women who have given their lives for their compatriots in the cause of freedom. They have worked, fought and died for the heritage of freedom, brotherhood and honor that they have passed on to us. Help us to recall that you yourself gave up your life for all human beings in the cause of true freedom, to save us from self-love and sin. Teach us the true meaning of peace and freedom, that the real battle must always take place in ourselves before it will be won in families and nations. Amen.

27 May

CaFe Anyone?

CaFe (Catholic Faith Exploration) will be coming to Sacred Heart starting mid-June. Interested in exploring your Catholic Faith? Why not come explore our faith with DVD talks by David Payne in an enjoyable, relaxed setting with a glass of wine or soda and a snack!

Seven stand-alone evenings will be scheduled, open for everyone (21 and up). Look for more information on dates, time and location in the bulletin, on the parish web page and/or Facebook site.

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