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Faith Formation (Grades 1-5): Next classes are March 24 & March 31 with Religious Ed Mass at 10:30am.

Junior High Youth Program: Next class is March 24 & Friday, April 5 Holy Hour at 7pm.

Confirmation Preparation: Next class is March 24 & Friday, April 5 Holy Hour at 7pm.


Help Wanted

With Spring just around the corner, we are looking for gardening advice in planning to beautify our grounds! We would love to get a group of people together and come up with a plan for when the weather breaks! If you would be willing to discuss a plan, please contact Barbara or Mark at the rectory (518) 274-1363.


Upcoming Events

Speaker Series
Sunday, March 24 at 9:30am in the Cafeteria will be Kathy Barrans, a Producer with Channel News 13 with a Presentation on Faith and Work.

Thursday, March 28 at 7:00pm in the Church will be Ed Martin, PHD, Biblical Scholar with a Presentation on The Our Father.

Sunday, April 7 at 9:30am in the Cafeteria will be Coach Christian of Siena College with a Presentation on Faith and Sports.


Lenten Psalm reflection, Friday, 03/22/19 by Mark Trudeau

When I was a kid, hearing stories in scripture was much like hearing any story.  Full of bigger than life things that where entertaining because they were impossible.  I’m not sure when it happened but Scripture became alive and so too did the people and stories they’re in.  Fiction is fun and entertaining but true life, especially when it seems bigger than life is captivating and empowering.

In Psalm 105, King David tells a story of this kind that is intended to captivate and empower the reader.  It is a story about Joseph and his father Jacob.  If you are not familiar with the story, then please read it starting with Genesis Chapter 37.  As you read you may be tempted to think of this as fiction with all its exaggeration but it is a historical story meant to inform and remind everyone.

When we’re faced with the impossible and feel the weight of being overwhelmed, God reminds us.

“Remember the marvels the Lord has done.”


Spring Cleaning?

Please remember the blue donation bin located in the parking lot as you begin your Spring cleaning. Only clothing and shoes may be deposited into the bin (no household or other items please).


Lenten Psalm reflection, Thursday, 03/21/19 by Fr. Yanas

Reflection on Psalm one for March21, 2019

If you are of a certain age, you may remember a hugely popular song recorded by the rock and roll band, Aerosmith, “Walk this Way”. The number of popular songs featuring the word, “walking” is rather striking, and indeed telling. In Sacred Scripture, walking on a way is a traditional metaphor for pursuing a set of goals in life. In the first Psalm, we read, “Happy the man who has not walked in the wicked’s counsel, nor in the way of the offenders has stood, nor in the session of scoffers has sat” (vs.1) The way is shown by God in the Torah, otherwise known as the Law of Moses.. It is the reader’s map of life. God teaches us to distinguish between the true way and the false ways. “Those who are constant in the way of God, writes the Jewish scholar Martin Buber, “stand in contrast to those other classes of men, the sinners and the wicked”.

Two roads are open to every human being: one road leads to happiness, symbolized in this Psalm by the verdant tree; the other road to nothingness symbolized by the chaff being blown away by the wind.

In John gospel, Jesus identifies himself as the “way”. As disciples of Jesus we are called to follow him on the true path of righteousness. He is the Good Shepherd, who “guides me along right paths for the sake of his name” (Ps.23). Which path have we chosen?


Lenten Speaker Series, Wednesday 03/20/19 written by Ed Martin

Liturgical Psalm for March 20, 2019

Wednesday of the second week of Lent.

In today’s first reading we hear of the resistance and rejection of the prophet Jeremiah by some of God’s chosen people.  For our reflection upon this, the liturgy presents us with five verses from the twenty four verses of Psalm 31, i.e. verses 4 & 5, and 13, 14 & 15.  Especially vs. 13: “I hear the whispers of the crowd, that frighten me from every side, as they consult together against me, plotting to take my life.” Sounds like it could have been uttered by Jeremiah himself.  More importantly, it could have been uttered by Jesus, who as we hear in today’s Gospel, sees that He is facing a terrible execution.  Perhaps the greatest mystery we face in this life is the phenomenon that evil frequently happens to those who try to do good.  The paradigm for disciples of Christ is that in some way we all are destined to suffer in some way with Him; that we die with Him in order to rise with Him.  In the meantime our prayer must ever be that of vs. 14: “…my trust is in you, O LORD.”


Lenten Speaker series, Tuesday 03/19/19 by Matt Ingold

Enter into Psalm 89 with King David.

Imagine that the Lord has just told you that your son or daughter would be President of the United States, or the founder of a grand global enterprise, or that they’d just gotten a full scholarship to an Ivy League university.

Now imagine God sharing this amazing news, and then putting his guarantee on it—his covenant. That’s what a covenant with God is—a guarantee. Whether we are faithful to our side of the bargain or not, it will happen.

Would you sing? Would you dance for joy? Would you proclaim God’s goodness to all the world?

Would you be forever grateful?

I imagine that when King David heard the words of the prophet Nathan that his heir would be given “his royal throne firm forever,” (2 Samuel 7:16), the psalm we read today must have poured out of his fatherly heart.

Here’s the good news for all of us:

As Christians, by our baptism, we get to share in this covenant with King David. Not just as mere subjects in the Kingdom of God, but as co-heirs to the everlasting throne!

For we hear in 2 Timothy, “If we have died with Him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with Him.” 2 Tim 2: 11-12.

Meditate today on the magnitude of this covenant, on the vastness of God’s generosity, and see what Psalm pours forth from your heart.


School News

No School: Sacred Heart School will be closed on Friday, March 22 for a Professional Development Day. The answering machine is always on so feel free to leave a message and we will get right back to you.

Pasta Night: Please join us for Sacred Heart Pasta Night with Michael’s Famous Meatballs on Tuesday, March 26th 4:00-7:00pm at the Franklin Ballroom Downtown. The cost is $15.00 for an adult and $6.00 for a child (ages 12 and under). Pre-orders/payment would be much appreciated.


Easter Flower Memorial Donations

Anyone wishing to contribute towards the Easter Flower Memorial may place their donation in the special envelope in your packet (or pick up an envelope in the back of Church.)

Please print clearly!  Deadline for flower donations is Friday, April 12, 2019.

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