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Welcome Back:
We have exciting news for the 2019-2020 school year! The new additions to the administration/faculty/staff, the enhanced curriculum for all of our students, the continued upgrades made to our technologies and the improvements to the physical plant will certainly provide positive conversations over the next several months. You can remain up-to-date by following our Facebook page (Sacred Heart School) or website (ww.SacredHeartSchoolTroy.com). Great news to follow!

School Opens:
Thursday, September 5th: Grades 1-6-first day of school with a half day dismissal (11:30), Kindergarten Orientation 9:00-11:00.

Friday, September 6th: Full day K-6 and Pre K/ECP Orientation by last name (9:45-10:15 or 10:30-11:00).
Monday, September 9th: Full day Pre K, ECP and K-6.


Holy Hour – September 6th

Friday, September 6th at 7pm – join us for an hour of Adoration, Praise and Worship led by Bishop Scharfenberger.  There will be dinner immediately following and time to fellowship with others in our diocese.  Please make every effort to join us.


Worldwide Marriage Encounter

We are called to be humble of heart. Learn how to love each other with humility by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

The next Weekends are Oct 18-20, 2019 in ALBANY, NY and Nov 1-3, 2019 in MANCHESTER, CT.

For more information, call Pat & Mary Jo McLaughlin at 860-315-2127 or visit them at https://wwmectw.org/.


Religious Education

Registration for the 2019-2020 Religious Education Program is NOW OPEN. Registration forms are available on the Sacred Heart Parish community bulletin board in the back of church and on the Faith Formation Programs page on our Parish Website or Parish Office 518-274-1363.


Scripture Reading Reflection

Today’s prophecy from the Book of Isaiah was originally uttered at a time of great potential discouragement. Most of the twelve tribes of Israel were forever dispersed throughout the Near East, and eventually lost their specific tribal identity. Only a handful of Jews returned from the Babylonian exile, and found their homeland and Jerusalem desolated and depleted. The situation was certainly a trial for those who remained loyal to God. Yet they persevered.

The Epistle to the Hebrews counsels us to: “…not distain the discipline of the Lord or lose heart when reproved by Him.” Finally, today’s Gospel passage centers around the question: “Will only a few be saved?” In answering that question, Jesus certainly makes clear that it will not be easy, and many will not succeed. Does that mean that living a Christian life is a dismal endeavor? We inevitably have to face some sort of trials. Why? Because being united with Christ means that in some way we have to share in His saving suffering and death. Yet, we do so without distain, because we are confident that the final outcome will be resurrection with and in Christ.


CCHS Class of ’69 Reunion

Catholic Central High School – Class of 1969 will hold a 50th Class Reunion on Friday, October 4, 2019 from 6 – 11 pm at the Franklin Terrace Ballroom, 126 Campbell Avenue, Troy, NY.

For more information or to register, contact: Linda Galuski at 518-237-8198 or go online to http://www.troycchs1969.myevent.com.


We Are A Missionary Church

Today’s Gospel opens with one of my favorite passages from Scripture: “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing.”

While we firmly believe that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and that he offers each believer a gift of interior peace whatever might be going on around them, that is not so for the world as such, as pointed out so vividly in today’s Gospel: “Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.”

Bear in mind that “the earth” in the Scriptures is very often a metaphor for all that is rebelling against or will not accept God. However we may wish to romanticize some periods in the past (Medieval European (only) Christendom, perhaps), it has always been such for life on this earth that it presents a turmoil of division, if not downright violence for believers.  In our era, perhaps never more subtle, yet never more determined to do away with us.

The opening line in today’s Gospel challenges us not to hunker down in a defensive posture, but rather with a fire in our hearts to take the offensive and show the world that we are a missionary church, every one of us. Fire equals fervor.

Maybe not all, but there are people out there dependent on us, to hear the word that will put them on the right side of history.



Today’s first reading may tempt one to think that God is open to negotiation. Rather it was the ancient Semitic cultural way of expressing perseverance when communicating with God. At the same time, notice that Abraham is not praying for himself, but for others.

How many times have we told someone that we would pray for them, and then simply not gotten around to it? In the New Testament, Jesus makes clear that the issue is not negotiation with God, but rather perseverance in asking.

Of course, asking (petition) is only one kind of prayer. Don’t forget praise and thanksgiving (in Greek, the word for this latter is Eucharist). St. Luke’s Gospel gives the impression that Jesus prayed often. This so impressed His disciples that they asked Jesus to teach them how to do likewise. Thus, today we hear St. Luke’s version of the Our Father, obviously shorter than St. Matthew’s version, yet getting to the heart of prayer: Praising God, asking for help and protection, and promising to be forgiving of others just as God is of us.

It was a long “road” before Abraham saw results. Why should we expect anything else? Persevere!


New To Sacred Heart?

New To the parish? Welcome, we are happy to have you in our community and hope that you will enjoy a truly Christian experience with us.

Please call or stop by the rectory to register (518) 274-1363. This helps us for sacraments, sick calls or any other assistance you may need. Thank you!


Making Time for Prayer

The traditional understanding of today’s first reading is that without being aware of it, Abraham was visited by angels, who communicated to him God’s will.

Today’s second reading conveys a different set of circumstances or method by which God conveys His will, i.e. adversity and affliction, which St. Paul recognizes as an opportunity to more deeply unite ourselves with the dying and rising of Christ. St. Paul interpreted his life experiences in the light of God’s will for him.

Today’s Gospel asks us to recognize the need for focus and a hierarchy of values which put God first. Jesus does not demean the necessary services rendered by Martha. Rather, He points out that Mary’s focus is more intense. We contemporary Americans tend to prefer material achievements over spiritual and intellectual progress. We need to take the time and effort to meditate on how we perceive God’s will for us in our particular life experiences.

To do so successfully, we need to regularly drop the physical activities and use the time for prayer.

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