Volunteers Needed

Would you like to help in the following areas: Decorations, KinderPlatz, Food/Drink, or Clean-up?  If so, please call Liz Pendergast at (518) 274-1363 ext. 6 or email: ymsacredhearttroy@gmail.com


Scripture Reflection: Humility

God’s Word to us today asks us to reflect on what is the Biblical meaning of humility; and how important is it to us.

The first reading, taken from the storehouse of Old Testament Wisdom accumulation, mentions the very often quoted motif of the plight of widows and orphans as an especial concern of our loving God. In the patriarchal social norms of the Old Testament world, men only had rights in the law. All others depended on the beneficence of a man for protection. Without a man, one was at the mercy of those around them for the possession of property, money, psychological well being, etc. The day to day results were not always pretty, despite the commandment to love one’s neighbor. It was seen, therefore, as the foundational experience for learning to depend upon God’s providence. It was this mentality Jesus had in mind when he proclaimed the first precept of the New Law as “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” He was referring to much more than economic poverty.

In all ages of human history people have sought security. Perhaps in no time in history has it been more addictive than in the modern Scientific era. We have been led to believe that Science either has, or will have a solution to every problem, every potential threat to personal security. We tend to insist that we be in control of every outcome in our personal lives. The Bible warns us that is a delusion!

Whatever our resources, we remain mortal, fallible creatures. God our Creator is ultimately in charge. We are constantly subject to Divine Providence. Consciousness of this dependence is what Biblical humility is all about. For this reason, Spiritual writers have often called it the ultimate realism… and the one true path to enlightenment!


Holiday Assistance

THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS – We are in the process of establishing our lists for holiday assistance. If any of our parishioners are in need of a Thanksgiving dinner or some necessary items for Christmas, please call Barbara at the rectory 518-274-1363. Please be assured requests are completely confidential.


All Souls Day Memorial Mass

On Saturday, November 2 at 4PM, we will celebrate and recall those in our parish who have died this past year. A special invitation has been sent to families who have celebrated a funeral at Sacred Heart during the past year, as their deceased will be remembered in particular.

Anyone who continues to grieve the loss of a loved one is invited to this Evening of Remembrance.


World Mission Sunday

Today is World Mission Sunday! We celebrate this day by remembering our baptismal call – to bring the Gospel to all! The collection today for the Society for the Propagation of the Faith ensures the work and service of the Mission Church, as it supports priests, religious and lay leaders who offer the Lord’s mercy and concrete help to the most vulnerable communities in the Pope’s missions. Thank you for your generosity.


School News

Trunk or Treat: The parish-school community is invited to register and participate in our annual Trunk or Treat event scheduled for Friday, October 25th. Registration forms have gone home with both the faith formation and school children. Additional forms are available in the school office. You must be registered to participate/attend.

Raffle and 80’s Dance: The annual raffle sales begin Monday, October 28th and end November 8th with the 80’s Dance. Prizes include a grand prize of $1,000, a $250 prize, two $100 prizes and a prize of $50. Tickets are available through a school student and the school office. Reservation forms for the 80’s Dance will be available soon. The dance is open to the entire parish-school community and reservations are a must.


Roark Center: Donations Needed

The Roarke Center is requesting these personal items for the month of October: Lotions and Razors for both men and women. These items may be placed in the bin labeled Roarke Center.


God’s Gift Bestowed Upon Us!

Throughout the history of Israel, God’s people were but a tiny enclave surrounded by a sea of unbelievers. Yet, from time to time God was willing to bestow his beneficence upon foreigners. So in today’s first reading we have the end of the story of the cure of the foreigner, Naaman. (Note: to make it clear that this was God’s doing, the prophet Elisha made sure he was not present when the miracle occurred and afterward, refused to take a reward from Naaman for it.) Naaman left and went back home as a believer.

In today’s Gospel, only one of the ten lepers cured returned to thank Jesus. And he was a foreigner, a Samaritan, while those blessed with being God’s people from birth neglected to be grateful? In today’s middle reading, St. Paul was so grateful for the gift of faith, that he counted his sufferings and distress as but a small price to pay for so great a gift.

Today, we believers seem to once again be but a small enclave surrounded by a sea of unbelievers. We too should be providentially alert to sharing that faith with outsiders. But above all, we should be consciously grateful for the precious gift God has bestowed on us.

“It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God, through Christ our Lord.”


World Mission Sunday

NEXT weekend (10/19-10/20) we will celebrate World Mission Sunday. Pope Francis invites the entire Church to support mission dioceses in Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and parts of Latin America and Europe, where priests, religious and lay leaders serve the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Please keep the Pope’s mission in your prayers and be generous in next week’s collection for the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.


NYC Bus Trip

Sacred Heart is sponsoring a Bus Trip to New York City on December 8,2019.  The cost is $40/person.

Departure will be from the American Legion Hall,  111 Main Street, Wynantskill, NY at 7:00am Drop off in NYC will be in Bryant Park.  Pick-up for the return trip home will be at 5:00pm in Bryant Park.

To RSVP contact Eileen Foley at (518) 469-9033 or email to eileenfoley1201@gmail.com

RSVP by November 1, 2019

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