Prayer Vigil for Culture of Life

Can’t make the March for Life? Want the next best thing?

Come to Sacred Heart’s Culture of Life Prayer Vigil to be held on Friday, 1/18/19 at 7:00 pm in the Sacred Heart Church, 310 Spring Avenue, Troy, NY 12180.



Worship Music… and More!


This is a family event open to all ages… We will even provide babysitting! Come experience the reason for our hope!


March for Life 2019

Come join your fellow Sacred Heart parishioners us as we participate in what has become one of the secular media’s “best kept secrets.”

The 2019 March for Life in Washington, DC will be held on January 18, 2019 and will once again will draw hundreds of thousands of people willing to make a sacrifice for our unborn to our Nations capitol. Please consider helping give a voice to the unborn and all those who are marginalized and victimized by abortion!

Buses are filling quickly, so please contact the rectory office at (518) 274-1363 to register and participate in this most important of events.  The cost is $55 each, but we do have 10 FREE spots available to those who cannot afford to pay.



School News

Catholic Schools Week:

Catholic Schools Week is January 27 to February 2 and the children are already anticipating the myriad of special activities that will round out this special week.

Check back frequently both here on the parish website, or on the school website at:  www.sacredheartschooltroy.com We will be sure to post activities and events early enough for all to enjoy with us!



2019-2020 Registration Opens:

Next year’s registration begins this month with many opportunities for all to visit and enroll their child(ren). Our first Open House is THIS Sunday, January 13. Beginning at 1:00 pm, the first 1-½ hours will be devoted to ANY family interested in their child enrolling in KINDERGARTEN. There will be stations set up for potential registrants to learn about “A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Student at SHS.” Attendees will experience a lesson in Art, Technology and Spanish classes as well as a visit to the Kindergarten room to meet the teacher and principal. Refreshments will be served. All other grade levels will be open from 2:00-4:00 pm. We look forward to meeting new families and children!

Our second Open House is on Wednesday, January 30th from 6:00-8:00 pm. As always, you are all invited to schedule a personal tour of your school at any time. Simply contact the school office at 274-3655 to make these arrangements. We know that you will be amazed at all of the wonderful things that are happening here. This also happens to be our Annual Science Fair evening so stop into grades 3-6.


What Would You Choose?

St. Matthew’s Gospel refers to Herod as King. We need to be aware that while the Herods reigned over God’s people, the Jews, as a result of cunning and assistance from the Romans, they were foreigners (Idumean) and not Jews. Consequently, they were constantly worried that the Jews would revolt against them. They tried to win favor from the Jews by building a new large and magnificent Temple for them, but at the same time built numerous fortresses throughout the country, to flee to for safety, should a rebellion break out.

In fact there was an atmosphere of expectation among the people based on the words of the prophets (e.g. Isaiah in first reading) that a new era under a Davidic king was imminent. This is significant for explaining Herod’s actions when the Magi arrived asking where they might find the newborn “king” of the Jews. He would rather maintain his ill gained power and prestige than accede to God’s intentions.

Human nature hasn’t changed. Throughout history, men had rather increase the evil they had done than repent and give up their ill-gotten gains. It holds true right up to the present. Would you rather maintain the status quo, with all its man induced evils? Or will you accept your vocation to build up a new creation according to God’s plan?


Respect Life Holy Hour

Holy Hour for Respect Life will be held this Friday, January 4th from 7 to 8pm in Sacred Heart Church located at 310 Spring Avenue, Troy, NY. on Friday, September 7, 2018. 

Please consider joining other faithful for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, rosary, respect life petitions, time for silent prayer and confessions Come and pray for life!


Merry Christmas!

On behalf of Fr. Vaughan, myself and the entire parish and school staff, we wish you and your loved ones a joyful Christmas season and a Blessed and Healthy New Year.

Fr. Yanas


Soldiers, Sacrifice and Christmas Eve

Each and every day countless wives, mothers, husbands, fathers, sons and daughters wait and worry about the whereabouts and well being of their Soldier. The signs of this anxiety, though still visible, are not quite as prevalent as they once were. Torn and tattered “Half My Heart is in Iraq” bumper stickers, a faded yellow ribbon tied to a tree standing in the front yard of a home proudly flying the American flag, or the omnipresent yellow ribbon magnet stuck to the trunk of the car in front of you on the morning commute.

Oftentimes, in the hectic pursuit of our daily lives these symbols become too commonplace and their true meaning can become lost.  Inside that car, or sitting at the kitchen table of that home is a mother or father, husband or wife desperately trying to maintain a “normal” existence in the absence of their Soldier.

The Holiday Season is a joyous and hectic time filled with errands to run, gifts to purchase, sweets to bake, and many happy gatherings of friends and family.  And that is as it should be.  But for the family of a Soldier in harms way the Christmas Season is different.  It is still a joyous time of hope and anticipation, surrounded by family and friends.  But it is also a time of sacrifice.

To the Soldiers of our American armed forces serving around the world this Christmas Season I say;

Your professionalism and expertise astound me.

Your courage and fortitude amaze me.

Your perseverance and dedication to duty inspire me.


The depth of your sacrifice humbles me.

To the families of these young men and women, you have my thanks and my deepest respect for the sacrifices you continue to endure.  I wish for you Peace and Joy in this holiday season.  May God grant you strength, and may he protect your Soldier now and in the days to come until they are returned safely to your waiting arms.


A Grateful American.


2019-2020 SHS Registration

Next year’s registration begins in January with many opportunities for all to visit and enroll their child(ren).

The first Open House is Sunday, January 13th. The first 1 ½ hours will be devoted to ANY family interested in their child enrolling in KINDERGARTEN. There will be stations set up for potential registrants to learn about “A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Student at SHS.” Attendees will experience a lesson in Art, Technology and Spanish classes as well as a visit to the Kindergarten room to meet the teacher and principal. Refreshments will be served. All other grade levels will be open from 2:00-4:00 pm. We look forward to meeting new families and children!

Our second Open House will be on Wednesday, January 30th from 6:00-8:00 pm. As always, you are all invited to schedule a personal tour of your school at any time. Simply contact the school office at 274-3655 to make these arrangements.

We know that you will be amazed at all of the wonderful things that are happening here.


Parish Office Hours

The Parish Office will be closed on December 24 and 25 for Christmas and will reopen on December 26. Then for New Year’s the office will be closed on December 31 and January 1 and reopen on January 2. Please make a note of it!


200th Anniversary for “Silent Night”

“Silent Night” was first performed on Christmas Eve,1818 at St. Nicolas Parish Church in Oberndorf, Austria.

A young priest, Father Joseph Mohr of the Salzburg region, previously wrote the lyrics as a poem in 1816 entitled “Stille Nacht”.

The pipe organ at St. Nicolas had broken down and all wondered what they would do for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in 1818. Father Mohr asked an organist in a nearby village, Franz Gruber, to compose a simple melody for guitar as an accompaniment to the lyrics.

Karl Muracher, who serviced the organ at the church, loved the song and took the composition home with him. Hence, it was performed for Kings and Czars; and, ultimately made it to the United States in 1839 where it was first played in New York City.

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