Sacred Heart YMT Prepares for Living Stations

Members of the Sacred Heart Youth Ministry Team (YMT) rehearse the reenactment of the Passion of Our Lord.  Their live presentation of the Stations of the Cross will begin at 2:00 pm in Sacred Heart Church on Good Friday, April 22, 2011.

Sacred Heart Youth Ministry Team, a group of Catholic teen leaders in our community, draw together their unique God-given gifts to enliven and strengthen the faith of their peers and encourage each other to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

All youth in grades 7 and up are invited to take part in the Youth Ministry Team.  How is God calling you to use your gifts?  Come and see!  For more information contact Cassandra Spellman at 274-1363 or email at   cassandra.spellman@gmail.com


Faith Formation Registration for 2011-2012

Registration for our Fall Faith Formation programs has begun.  Forms are available on the bulletin board in Church or at the Rectory.   If you have a child who will be in Grades K-9 and/or a teen who would like to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in 2012, please fill out  one of these forms and return it to the Rectory.


Holy Thursday: Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper

Services will be held in our cluster churches on Thursday 4/21/11 as follows;  Sacred Heart and St. Michael’s 5:30pm with Adoration until 10:00pm, or 7:00pm at St. Jude’s with Adoration until 12:00 midnight.

After Holy Thursday Mass at Sacred Heart a Potluck Supper will be held in the School Cafeteria.  Plates, plasticware and beverages will be provided.  Please bring your ‘specialty-to-share’ dish to the cafeteria before Mass and join in the fun!


Palm Sunday Message

In today’s Gospel, Matthew emphasizes the psychological pain which can come when all of your friends turn from you.  One of Jesus’ closest friends betrayed him to his enemies.  Another denied that he even knew him.  All of his companions fell asleep when he really needed their support.  And finally after swearing that they would never disown him, all except a few women, fled from the scene.   As you receive and take home your palm branches, place them where they will be visible to you each day as reminders that you will not betray, deny or disown Jesus through both good and bad times!


Walk with Mary During Holy Week!

Sacred Heart teens have created a Prayer Labyrinth experience for our Parish.  You are welcome to “Walk with Mary During Holy Week”,     a prayer experience, will be available throughout the parking lot area from Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday morning.  This is  a fine way to reflect during this Holy Week.


Book Group to Meet 4/27/11

“SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS” is the theme for our book group which will meet on Wednesday, April 27th at 10:15am in the rectory or at 6:00pm at the Brunswick Library.  Join us as we discuss SARAH’S KEY by Tatiana deRosnay.

Photo courtesy of sciraulophotography.com


Holy Thursday Pot Luck Supper

Please join us for a parish pot luck supper following the 5:30pm Holy Thursday Mass.  The supper will be held in the school cafeteria beginning immediately following the conclusion of Mass.  Plates, plasticware and beverages will be provided.  Please bring your ‘specialty-to-share’ dish to the cafeteria BEFORE Mass.


Living Stations of The Cross

SH Youth Ministry Team will present a live reenactment of the Passion of Our Lord at Sacred Heart Church on Good Friday, April 22, 2011.  Stations beginning at 2:00pm.


Bookfair at Barnes and Noble, Colonie Center

Sacred Heart School will be participating in a bookfair at Barnes and Noble Book Store in Colonie Center on Saturday, April 16th.  Our students will be participating in many activities throughout the day.  Please come and visit us.  We receive a 20% donation for each purchase from Barnes and Noble, but most importantly we receive 25,000 $chool Buck$ points. 

Attached below is a flyer of vouchers to print and share with your friends and family.  Standard Bookfair 6 Vouchers 4.16.11



“Sock It To Me Sunday” continues next weekend.  We would like to assure a wide selection of sizes so please donate based on your last name: A-I size Small, J-P size Medium and Q-Z size Large.

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