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24 Aug 2014 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on From Our Parish Nurses

SHC 091111-011AWe’ve all said it, “He hears when he wants to hear!” Sometimes people seem to hear and understand without difficulty and other times they seem not to hear anything. We often assume it is selective listening but it is usually more than just ‘not listening.’ When hearing is lost, a great deal of energy goes into trying to understand what is being said. A person can be totally exhausted by the end of a day spent struggling to hear. Hearing aids help make conversation better – not perfect. Even with hearing aids some things will be missed. Most people with good hearing miss things but fill in the blanks.  Try taking the steps listed below to ensure that one who doesn’t hear well, will hear what you say:

  1. Face them so they can see your lips and your facial expression.
  2. Try to eliminate as much extraneous noise as possible.
  3. Don’t shout – use your normal voice.
  4. Try not to drop your voice at the end of a sentence.
  5. Enunciate your words without exaggerating them.
  6. Remember that speaking rapidly makes you difficult to understand so slow down.
  7. When you are not being understood, try rephrasing what you are saying. It often gives more clues to meaning.
  8. Last, but not least, don’t say “Never mind; it wasn’t important.” The person might feel that they are not important enough for you to repeat the statement.


Hearing impairment is complex. If you are having difficulty hearing, ask for help. God is good and has provided many advances to help the hearing impaired. There may be no need to be isolated by hearing loss. Check with your doctor. There are many advances as technology improves hearing devices.

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