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28 Jan 2017 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Did You Know

Youth Room 2 (Resized)The following changes continue to enhance our parish and school community.

  • The “Youth Ministry” Room, located on the Gym Entry level of the school, has been renovated and now serves the needs of Sacred Heart’s growing Youth Ministry Program and also is the site of Sacred Heart’s Adult Education, Bible Study Group which meets on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 8:30pm!
  • The school library has been reorganized and new technology has been added, thus providing a multi-media center for all to use. SMART TV, iPads, Kindles and Chrome Books will allow teachers to initiate technologically founded lessons with their students outside of their everyday classroom.
  • The school computer lab has been reorganized and updated.
  • The hallway outside of the school library has been renovated and now provides a more functional space for all to enjoy.
  • Mrs. Mooney, one of our Pre-K teachers, painted literature-based wall murals on the first floor. They just brighten up the hallway while instilling a love of literature within our students.
  • SMART TVs and/or SMART boards may now be found in every Pre-K to 6th grade classroom.

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