Christ the King!

25 Nov 2018 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Christ the King!

On this last Sunday of the liturgical year, Do we need to think twice about what we mean when we proclaim Christ as our king?

Bear in mind that in Biblical times, vocabularies were much less developed than currently. The Biblical writers did not have a word for president, premier, prime minister, etc. If one looks carefully we find the ancient world calling anyone who leads others, a king. This is especially important for Americans who have no history of relating to a king, as did European Christians. The reality which we honor today is that Jesus Christ is acknowledged as the supreme and eternal authority over us. What we often fail to admit, is that this means in all aspects of our lives. It is not just a spiritual relationship. He means to govern all creation, and that includes our social, political and economic lives as well!

The secular culture we are forced to live in, puts great pressure on us to agree (in practice if not in theory) that religious belief is a purely private matter (and therefore we accept pagan values in the public square). Whether we like it or not, we who say Christ is king, have a battle to fight with our culture. Are we willing to fight, or are we satisfied with being swept along by the current?

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