Community and Christian Service Ministries

Altar Rosary Society

The Sacred Heart Altar Rosary Society was founded in the 1930s. The primary goal of the society is to care for  the church altars and linens. Members form an honor guard and recite a decade of the rosary for a member’s funeral. Dues are $5 annually for dry cleaning and Mass expenses.

Contact: Marianne Haldeman  (518) 283-1066 email:

Alzheimer’s Care Team

The Sacred Heart Alzheimer’s Care Team was begun in 2002.  The program is managed by the Eddy Alzheimer’s Services of Northeast Health.  The Eddy recruits small groups from local faith-based organizations to assist a family or two in their own community. Volunteers are trained to assist families for a few hours a week for no charge, and provide a much needed respite to caregivers and socialization to patients.  The Eddy meets with groups to provide regular support and guidance.

Contact: Barbara O’Brien  (518) 272-3403 email:

Contact: Louelle Russo  (518) 272-8547 email:

Assistance Team

The Sacred Heart Assistance Team is made up of a group of men and women who offer person-to-person service to people in our community. Proceeds from donations to the churches poor boxes are used to directly help others in their time of need. These charitable members meet directly with families to assess need, consult and intervene when possible with money or services. The Assistance Team meets one Monday a month.

Contact: Rich Haldeman  (518) 283-1066 email:

Associates of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

The Sacred Heart Associates of the Sisters of Saint Joseph are lay ministers who serve in a variety of ways according to their individual gifts and talents.  We support the Sisters spiritually in any way we can and aid them in fund raising events at the Provincial House periodically throughout the year.  The Associates seek to deepen their personal spirituality through service while representing and embracing the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Contact: Marie Mangione (518) 272-6555

Baptismal Blanket Team

Parishioners are welcome to knit, crochet or donate a white baby blanket as a way to welcome our newly baptized infant parishioners.

Contact: Kelley Jaworski (518) 283-9369 Email:


Sacred Heart CYO Basketball is open to Sacred Heart students and parishioners 2nd grade to 8th grade both boys and girls.

Contact: Sarah Ragone  (518) 274-5509 email:

Decoration Committee

The Decorating Committee is made up of parish volunteers who enhance and beautify our sanctuary for the High Holy Days of the liturgical calendar.

Contact: Marie Mangione (518) 272-6555 , or Mickey Kelly  (518) 274-8076 email:

Ladies of Charity

Following the directives of St. Vincent de Paul (1617), the Ladies of Charity conduct activities to assist the ill, poor and disadvantaged, giving spiritual and material help as needed to empower the recipients. The Ladies of Charity meet monthly.

Contact: Peggy Rosamilia  (518) 273-2148  email:

Parish Nursing Ministry

The ministry of Parish Nursing promotes wellness within a religious congregation by weaving spirituality and faith into health.  We would like to consider this program for Sacred Heart Church.  If you are a registered nurse and would like to learn more about parish nursing,  please contact Loretta Ciraulo, RN, MS, FNP-C.

Contact: Loretta Ciraulo  (518) 271-7856 email:

Social Justice Committee

The role of the Social Justice Committee is to involve Sacred Heart parishioners in social justice and service activities. The committee meets monthly to assess the needs of those less fortunate in our community, organize the collection and distribution of items to address those needs, and strive to promote the Ten Catholic Social Justice Principles established by the Bishops of the United States.

Some of the projects we engage in are donations of school supplies, socks and underwear, baby items to Birthright, shoes to the shoeless, cookies and coffee to Our Lady of Hope, hundreds of food pantry items, support to Roarke Center, Christmas Giving Tree gifts and Thanksgiving dinners to local families.

Many of our projects are done in collaboration with other local parishes to assist those less fortunate in our community. Through the compassion and empathy of these parishes, the “Heights Outreach program has a significant impact on the children and families we help.

Contact: Suzanne Turner  (518) 274-1363 email:

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