Palm Sunday

20 Mar 2016 by SHRCChurch, Comments Off on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday GraphicToday we have an extra Gospel reading which begins Holy Week with a reminder of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It was triumphal (at first) because for generations the Jewish people were expecting the coming of a Messiah, who would be of the royal family of David and who would be their king in a re-establishment of the old glory days of an independent kingdom under God. They knew of Jesus deeds in the countryside, and recognized them as signs foretold by the prophets indicating the Messiah’s appearance.

Additionally, part of the expectation was that the king would return to David’s royal city Jerusalem riding upon a colt that no one else had ever sat upon. As a result there was great rejoicing among the simple folk when Jesus arrived in just such fashion! Yet, before the week was out, and today before our liturgy is over, the atmosphere changes drastically… to a life threatening one!

What is it that brought about that change? This is something we must meditate on this week. Those who didn’t want the metanoia (change of heart/repentance) that following Jesus required, found a way to manipulate circumstances to get rid of Jesus and maintain their hardness of heart. To which group do we belong?

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