Could God Be Calling You?

Attention Single Women:

Could God be calling you? Do you think God may be calling you to the religious life – a life of love and service through the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience?  Would you like to learn more about such a life?

If you would like to learn more about the religious life, please contact Sister Laurie-Marie, C.R. at lauriemarie.parisi@rcda.org or call (518) 453-6690 for more information.

Our Lady of Vocations, pray for us!


Speak Up… I Can’t Hear You!

Make no mistake about it. We live in an era where the prevailing secular mindset demands that religious beliefs in general and Christianity in particular, abandon the public square and limit such beliefs to merely private individualized matters. The more out of sight and out of mind, the better!

We hear today that because the powers that be felt threatened by the prophecies of Amos, they directed him to leave his country and go elsewhere to preach. (from the kingdom of Israel to the kingdom of Judah). It’s an old story: guilty consciences and fallacious beliefs, resist correction and often resist violently.

We baptized, who like the Twelve, are sent to preach repentance from sin and falsehood in such a situation need to be mindful that we, who have been “…sealed with the promised Holy Spirit…” have courage as one of the gifts of that Spirit!

Our times need to hear loud and clear – in the public square – the message of the Gospel!


Care Team Volunteers Needed

For over 13 years Sacred Heart Parish has fielded a team of people who volunteer their time to help local families living and caring for a person with a dementia disease. We are sponsored by the Eddy Alzheimer’s Services.

At this time, we are looking to increase our team membership with people who have a few hours a month to give to a very worthwhile and caring activity.

Here is what our Care Team does ….provide respite to a Caregiver, provide a friendly visit, provide transportation, run an errand, offer support to the Caregiver, all non-medical volunteering.

Training is provided by Eddy Alzheimer’s Services. For more information call: Sandy Monahan, The Eddy, 518-238-4167 or Barbara O’Brien, Parishioner 518-272-3403. Please consider donating your time with us to help Caregivers needing respite…..Thank you


Si, Hablo Espanol?

New Life in our Church: The June 26th Edition of the Evangelist contained an article about a series of meetings being held where more than 300 delegates representing all eight dioceses in New York State are gathering over a period of four years. The mission is to discuss ways to strengthen evangelization among the Hispanic and Latino faithful. Why? More than half of all Catholics born since 1982 are Hispanic or Latino and thus it is fitting that the Church reach out to welcome this growing community.

Sacred Heart will begin, in a very small way, to welcome this growing segment of the Catholic faithful at the 10:30 a.m. Mass on July 29th when our Pastor, Father Yanas, will celebrate in two languages – English and Spanish.

The readings (which may be followed in English in your booklets) will be in Spanish, but the Gospel and Homily will be in English. If you can, please join in so that, together, we all may share in this special Liturgical celebration. Our school children are especially encouraged to attend this Mass, too, since they are studying Spanish here at Sacred Heart!


We’re Almost There

Bishop’s Appeal Update:  We are Sooooo close!  As of this past week Sacred Heart faithful have made over 208 contributions, including donations, pledges and on-line giving totaling $65,310 toward our parish assessment of $72564.  This puts us within 10% of “going over the top” for the second year in a row!

If you have not yet made a pledge or contribution, please consider doing so.  Copmmittments may be made on-line at thebishopsappeal.org or you may call the Bishop’s Appeal Office at 518-453-6680 for assistance.


How Do You Like Me Now?

It would seem that there is a common thread in all three of today’s readings. We, who are trying to do God’s will in our lives, should reflect on this Biblical pattern and accept it for our own.

In the first reading, the prophet Ezekiel is warned that his vocation is to preach to those who have rebelled against God and who are “…obstinate of heart,” which is hardly a welcoming prospect. In the second reading, Paul, who is also called to convert others, is very much aware of his own shortcomings. But that does not stop him, because in faith he recognizes that it is God’s designs that he serves, and God who ultimately accomplishes.

In the Gospel we find Jesus Himself facing that perennial human reaction of “No prophet is acceptable in his own land.”, or as we might put it: “familiarity breeds contempt”.

We, who by our baptism in Christ have thereby been commissioned to preach the Gospel to all the world, must be ever mindful that the task is not a popularity contest! Yet, like St. Paul we continue to try, because God wants us to do so.

God’s ways are not men’s ways. We do it not for applause, but for Love.


2018 Bishop’s Appeal Update

As of this past weekend, we have continued to receive pledges and donations.  To date, we have received 196 contributions including donations, pledges and online giving totaling $60,950 toward our parish assessment of $72,564.

With your generosity, we earnestly look forward to the day when we can report that we have “gone over the top” again.

Thanks, to everyone who has responded to this year’s appeal in such a generous way. Please keep in mind commitments to the Bishop’s Appeal can be made online at  thebishopsappeal.org You can also call the Bishop’s Appeal Office at 518-453-6680 for assistance.


Perpetual Adoration

For the past several years, constant adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has taken place at St. Augustine’s Perpetual Help Adoration Chapel.  (This devotion was begun on September 8, 1983 at St. Paul the Apostle parish in Troy and has continued uninterrupted 24/7, three hundred and sixty five days of the year to this day!)

We invite anyone wishing to participate to stop by at any time. Perhaps you would you consider making a commitment to an hour a week… day or night… to be with Jesus?  Can’t commit to a regular time slot… perhaps you could act as a substitute?

Please find it in your heart to consider one of the following hours:
Sunday: 3-4am, 8-9am, Tuesday: 11pm-12am, Wednesday: 12am-1am, 1am-2am, 2-3am, 7-8am
Thursday: 2-3am, 8-9am, Friday: 2-3am, 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, Saturday: 2-3am, 2-3pm, 7-8pm.

St Augustine’s Perpetual Help Adoration Chapel is located at 25 115th Street, Troy, NY 12182.  Newcomer’s may access Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel, during day hours, by an entrance on 115th Street, next to the rectory and right near the alleyway.  The south parking lot is across the street.  Nighttime access can be granted by contacting one of the captains or the St Augustine Parish Office.  For more information, please call Kathy Curtin at 518-274-5925. Thank you.


50 Yr Reunion SHS Class of ’68

2018 marks 50 years since the Class of 1968 graduated from Sacred Heart School! To mark the anniversary of this occasion a picnic will be held, at Joe Bruno Stadium, on August 4th, during the Tri-City ValleyCats Hops and Hits event.

Details of the event:  Saturday, August 4 vs. Lowell Spinners (Red Sox affiliate) Gates open at 5pm, all-you-can-eat picnic runs until 7pm, and craft beer tasting until 8pm.

Price: $36 Package Includes: 10 Beer tasting tickets, Two-hour all-you-can-eat buffet*, Three-hour craft beer tasting, Reserved box seat, ValleyCats cap.

*All-You-Can-Eat Menu Includes: Smoked Chicken, Pulled Pork, Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Beans, Corn on the Co, Tossed Salad, Cornbread, Soda & Water (Menu subject to change. Craft beer selection will feature summer brews!)

Designated driver tickets are also available for $26. (Excludes the 10 tasting tickets.)

For those wishing to continue this reunion with old friends, we can reconvene at Juniors Bar and Grill, located in the new plaza across the street from the Little Red School House at the corner of Williams Rd./Glenmore Rd. & Rt. 4.

If interested in attending this event, please contact:

Bill Martin: Phone (518) 244-3219 or email at: still-running@live.com

Reservation deadline is July 24, 2018.

Spouses and other family members are welcome. If you know any classmates who are not members of Sacred Heart Parish, please share this information with them or send their contact information to Bill Martin at the phone or email listed above.

We look forward to seeing you August 4th!


“Graced By Yahweh”

The Church has always made a big deal out of John the Baptist. So important is his feast day that it takes precedence over the regular Sunday liturgy. No doubt it is because Jesus Himself made a big deal of John: “None greater than John…etc.”

Yes, John was selected by God already in the womb (tell that to the pro abortion crowd) as foretold by the prophet Isaiah, and was given his name by God, Himself (John means “Graced by Yahweh”) as foretold by the prophet in the first reading, and related in today’s Gospel.

Where does all that special favor for his heralding the coming of Christ leave us in twenty-first century America? Consider his message: “The kingdom is at hand … repent…”

We need to constantly remind ourselves that this message remains true for all times and places, i.e. the opportunity for what God has promised and what Christ has to offer will be missed unless and until we repent, not just once, but repeatedly, because we repeatedly relapse.

As St. Paul would have it: “…This word has been sent.” Thank you John.

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If interested, please review the position description below and contact (518)274.1363 for more information.
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