20 Apr

Rejoice! He is Risen!

DSC_0079Today’s feast celebrates the highpoint, the apex of the entire year for true Christian believers. In fact it is the apex of all human history; the whole reason for all creation itself!

In response to the question: Why did God make me? The old catechism taught “To know Him, to love Him, and to be happy with Him in this world and forever in the next.”

Today we celebrate Jesus Christ, Son of God through his experiencing, and conquering human death by rising from it glorified, making all that possible! By his passion and resurrection Jesus literally opened the door for us and announces: come on in! “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”

Early Christianity was known simply as “The Way”. What sets us apart from all the rest of creation are intellect and will. We are truth seekers, and if we have trouble finding the Truth, Christ will provide the grace to enlighten us.

HALLELUIAH! Praise be to God! And EUCHARISTIA! Thanks be to God!

20 Apr

Happy Easter!

On behalf of the parish and school staff, we would like to wish all of our parishioners and visitors a blessed Easter.

May the Risen Christ fill you with every grace and blessing during this Easter Season.

Father Yanas, Father Vaughan & Father Konaku

19 Apr

Take-out Family Dinner!

The “Three Wise Men” of our school, teachers Bobby Burns, Devon Camenga and Marc Giuliano, are planning a special Take-Out “Family of Four Dinner” for Thursday, May 1st.

Each $25.00 family meal will include chicken parmesan, pasta, salad, and bread. Dessert will be available at pickup for an additional fee. There is a limit of 100 family meals available so we strongly suggest that you purchase yours today!

Simply complete the order form which is posted on our hallway bulletin board., or click on the link to go to http://www.sacredheartschooltroy.com/psa/fundraising/ to download an order form!

19 Apr

Congratulations RCIA Candidates!

We give thanks to God and ask for His blessings on the following members of our community who are receiving the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil: Mylinh Tran, Stephen Dobert, Viet Phan, Michelle Wickham and Dmitry Yankowski.

13 Apr

Palm Sunday Paradox

Easter 2011-07Doesn’t it seem that Palm Sunday reminds us most vividly that life is full of paradoxes?

On this day we recall that one moment ordinary folks were shouting Hosanna to the Son of David, allowing him to ride like royalty and laying their cloaks on the ground before him to trod upon, while boisterously proclaiming him their king. Yet before the week was out, another crowd was shouting: “crucify him!” – the most ignominious of all public executions at the time.

Perhaps this is a good time to ask ourselves if there are not similar paradoxes in our own lives when it comes to our relationship with our savior.

Perhaps it is a good time to reflect on the words of Thomas A. Kempis in his 15th century booklet: The Imitation of Christ, when speaking about the challenges to the Christian life:

“(We are) …distracted by many curiosities and entangled in many vanities, surrounded by many errors and worn by many labors, oppressed by temptation, weakened by pleasure, and tortured by want.”

What Christ did was open the way to save us from all this. Are we willing to join Him in the journey?

13 Apr

Spring Enrichment Courses

The Spring Enrichment Series of courses offered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany will be held at the College of St. Rose from May 12th through May 15th.

This series is open for participation to Catechists, Religion teachers, persons involved in any other Church ministry or leadership role, and to any person seeking to learn more about their faith. A full listing of courses and website information are on display on the bulletin board at the back of Church.

Copies of the course offerings are also available at the Rectory.

12 Apr

Holy Week Schedule

Holy Thursday 

Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper

  • 5:30pm at Sacred Heart with Adoration until 10:30pm.
  • 6:00pm at St. Michael’s followed by covered dish supper. Adoration until 10:00pm.
  • 7:00pm at St. Jude’s with Adoration until midnight concluding with Night Prayer.


Good Friday

Morning Prayer at St. Jude’s at 9am

Stations of the Cross

  • 12:00pm at St. Michael’s
  • 3:00pm at Sacred Heart
  • 3:00pm at St. Jude’s

Passion of Our Lord

  • 5:30pm at Sacred Heart
  • 5:30pm at St. Michael’s
  • 7:00pm at St. Jude’s


Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil

Morning Prayer at St. Jude’s & St. Michael’s at 9am

Easter Vigil Mass

  • 8:00pm St. Jude’s Easter Vigil Mass
  • 8:00pm St. Michael’s Easter Vigil Mass
  • 8:15pm Sacred Heart Easter Vigil Mass


Easter Sunday

  • 7:30 and 10am at St. Michael’s
  • 8:45 and 11:15am Mass at Sacred Heart
  • 9:00 and 11:00am Mass at St. Jude’s


11 Apr


Photos and bios of our RCIA Candidates and Adult Confirmation students can be seen on the bulletin board in the back of Church. For more information on the Rite of Christian Initiation or Adult Confirmation and how you
can share your faith with new Catholics, please call Marge Stockwell at 274-1363 or 272-0367.

6 Apr

“…Whoever Believes in Me…”

DSC_6775In a sense, today’s readings go right to the heart of what it is all about to be a Christian.  The starting point is that the Lord promises us resurrection from death as we know it.  To continue to live – not as dispossessed souls, but ultimately as true humans, body and soul – on the other side of death in eternal bliss, faith is key. And what is at the core of that faith? That we firmly believe the Lord will make good his promises!

Make no mistake. That faith will cost us. As such times we need to keep our eyes fixed on the promise. It was the vision of the early Christian martyrs, and of every saint who has gone before us: “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

5 Apr

SHS Lenten Service Projects

Most of our classrooms are working on special Lenten service projects which will benefit many community programs. Pre-K Yellow Room children are doing good deeds at home and earning loose change for their classroom fund. They will then purchase new books for the children at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. Fourth grade is collecting loose change from the entire school and will donate those funds to the Humane Society in Menands, thus helping homeless animals. Two of our Pre-K rooms will be decorating paper bags for the parish homebound Easter gifts.

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The Catholic Community of Sacred Heart welcomes all people to join in our celebration of Gods love. Through prayer, education, and caring for others, we strive to serve the needs of Gods people, thereby gaining a richer understanding of the gospel message.

Mass Schedule

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Hospital Visits

If you, or a loved one is admitted to the hospital, it is important that you identify yourself to the hospital as a member of Sacred Heart Parish or contact the Rectory (274-1363) to inform us of your hospitalization.