12 Nov

Distracted Journey

Today’s Gospel… the parable of the five wise and five foolish virgins is so well known that our familiarity might well tempt us to think: “got it…  be wise”, and move on to other thoughts. The problem is that too often we give very little thought to what might it take to be truly wise in the Biblical sense. And that is foolish.

Recently TV has introduced a number of public service ads warning both drivers and pedestrians to take our eyes off of our handheld devices and instead look where we are going, lest our fixation lead to a disastrous accident. The same holds true for success in the Spiritual life. True wisdom requires that we be careful what we are fixated upon, and that includes the habit of constantly giving in to distractions. Today’s first reading, among other things, counsels us to esteem solitude. If we are serious about being among the wise, we need to find ways to take time out regularly, in order to pray and reflect on the real meaning and import of life’s experiences. We need to stay tuned to the channel of God speaking to us. To think we can do that without regular periods of silence and solitude, is foolish.

12 Nov

ChristKindlMarket IS Coming

In what we hope to be a new annual tradition for the East Side of Troy, Sacred Heart will be hosting its inaugural ChristKindlMarket—a Festive Traditional German Christmas Market.

Family pics with St. Nick, tree-lighting ceremony, food, drinks, novelty vendors; even the Bürgermeister himself is reported to be in attendance. Learn more and keep up with announcements by following our Facebook Page @ChristkindlmarketTroy. This is a free event for all!

Share with friends and Join us on Saturday December 2, 5-9PM and help make this new tradition a joyful celebration for Troy’s East Side.

To learn how to volunteer, contact event Co-Chair Matt Ingold at youthfaithformationshs@gmail.com

11 Nov

Veteran’s Day

To all current members of our US Armed Forces and our beloved Veterans… Please accept our sincere thanks, deepest respect and admiration for the sacrifices you, and your loved ones, endure(d) during your time of service to this great Nation!  Your professionalism & expertise astound us, your courage and fortitude amaze us, your perseverance & dedication to duty inspire us, and the depth of your sacrifice humbles us!

On this Veteran’s Day we wish you peace and we pray that God will grant you good health and abundant happiness!  And for those members of our Armed Forces serving abroad, may He protect you in the days to come until you return safely to your loved ones waiting arms.  A Grateful Nation

11 Nov

Baptismal Blankets Needed

Sacred Heart parishioners, we are in need of homemade or store bought white blankets. We provide a blessed white blanket to all newly baptized babies as a welcome into the church. These blankets can be delivered to Barbara at the rectory.

Thank you,

Emily Jaworski, Baptismal Chair

10 Nov

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

“When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls.” Spouses, find value in one another by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

The next Weekends are Jan 19-21, 2018 in South Kingstown, RI and Feb 2-4, 2018 in Manchester, CT. For more information, call Ed & Rhonda Staats at 518-279-3243 or visit them at https://www.wwmenyalb.org.

10 Nov

SHS Roller Skating Day

Join Sacred Heart families and friends for an afternoon of roller skating at Guptill’s Arena on Sunday November 19, 2017 from Noon to 4:00pm.  Tickets in advance through the school are $3 (a savings of $6 from the regular admission price!) Parents and/or adults who are just watching their kids do not need to pay.  SHS students are asked to wear their gym shirt, and all others are asked to wear a red shirt to show your school spirit!

Feel free to invite friends or family – there is no limit to the number of tickets you may purchase in advance!  Bring your skates (regular or in-line, as long as they have rubber wheels) or rent skates at Guptill’s for $5.  You may also wish to bring helmets/pads for safety!

Tickets must be purchased in advance and will not be available at the door.  Please click on link below to access a printable ticket order form.  Print the form and return it, along with your payment, to the school office by Wednesday, November 15th so that tickets can be sent home with your children.

Please contact John Bullough (email: jbulloug@gmail.com , tel. (518) 273-8207 ) for more information .

SHS Parent Assn Guptills Skate Ticket Order Form and Flyer 2017

5 Nov

Faith’s Roadway

God’s Word this Sunday asks us to take a long hard look at perhaps our greatest obstacle to perfect union with Him, our persistent and over-inflated egos!

Even a little reflection should reveal how often in our consciousness we place ourselves in the center of the universe. Inevitably we are constantly making judgments, and all too often those judgments make us better than others. Are we pre-occupied with gaining power over or at least respect and appreciation from others? The Scriptures speak about titles and the desire to look good in front of others as an obstacle. One of the great heresies of the secular culture which surrounds us is its adulation for celebrity status. And we now live in a society governed by elitists convinced in their egotism that they know better than anyone else what is good for the rest of us. Moreover, we don’t seem to learn from the many celebrities who fall from grace, that their passing fame did nothing to aid their salvation.

God asks us to constantly reflect on the truth that His many gifts to us, be they talents or just plain good luck, are given gratuitously. We don’t have them by right. Christianity is an inner journey. Our faith provides a roadway. On that journey we need to keep focused ahead, and not sideways as to where we stand in relation to everyone else!

4 Nov

Mass of Remembrance

On Thursday, November 2, 2017 (All Souls Day) Sacred Heart’s faithful joined together with family and friends of deceased members of the Sacred Heart community to celebrate Mass and to participate in our annual commemoration of all the Faithful Departed.

“The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.” (Wis. 3:1)

4 Nov

Three Wise Men Dinner

The Three Wise Men of our school, teachers Bobby Burns, Devon Camenga and Marc Giuliano, are planning a special Take-Out “Family of Four Dinner” for Tuesday, November 14th (3:30-6:00 pm pick up). Each $25.00 family meal will include chicken parmesan, pasta, salad, bread and dessert. There is a limit of 100 family meals available, so we strongly suggest that you purchase yours today! Dessert will be available for purchase at the time of pick up. Order forms are available in the main hallway and on our website.

3 Nov

Fall Back!

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday November 5th.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before turning in on Saturday evening!

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