17 Sep

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

“The Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in compassion.” Help to encourage our compassion and forgiveness by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

The next WWME Weekends are Nov 3-5, 2017 in Albany, NY and Sep 29-Oct 1, 2017 in Morristown, NJ. For more information, call Ed & Rhonda Staats at 518-279-3243 or visit us at albanyme.org

11 Sep

Come All Ye Faithful!

Come All Ye Faithful!  Please consider joining us in praying the Rosary on at Noon Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Sacred Heart Church, Troy, NY.   (Meet in the parking lot facing Pawling Avenue.) All are Welcome! Please extend an invitation to your friends & neighbors to attend!
The 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima could not come at a more poignant time for Our Nation, the United States of America & for the World!
10 Sep

Share in the Goodness of the Lord

Today’s Scripture readings once again present us with a very difficult challenge, especially if we are of the mentality: I don’t want to get involved; I don’t want to risk displeasing or alienating anyone, a mentality, very common in our contemporary society which strenuously resists facing up to its evils.

From the standpoint of responsibilities, the first reading from the prophet Ezekiel is painfully clear: if we don’t try to correct the wicked, God will hold us responsible for their damnation. Notice that if one reads the larger context in the prophet Ezekiel, God is not guaranteeing success. He insists only that we try.

A different approach is made by St. Paul in the second reading, namely, what does it really mean to love one’s neighbor as oneself? Just as we correct our children because we love them and therefore want them to live a life of goodness, so we must effectively extend that intention to all.

Finally, in today’s gospel, Jesus’ words are also clear. He wants us to win our brothers away from sin, not to satisfy our own egos, but, out of love, to share in the goodness of the Lord.

8 Sep

Patriotic Rosary to Resume

Sacred Heart’s Patriotic Rosary group will resume its regularly scheduled weekly meetings on Tuesday September 12, in the School Faculty room.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

8 Sep

Mass Schedule Change Coming in October

Beginning on Sunday October 1, 2017, and continuing until further notice, the 10:15 am Sunday mass will be celebrated at 10:30 am.  As a result, effective October 1, 2017 Sacred Heart’s Mass schedule will be as follows:

  • Saturday Vigil Mass – 4:00pm
  • Sunday Masses – 8:30am & 10:30am

Please make a note of it.

7 Sep

Encountering Jesus

Guided by the Spirit Sacred Heart’s Faith Formation Program aims to foster an authentic encounter with Jesus in three key ways:

  • In Study: We teach the Faith in age appropriate and interactive lessons.
  • In Service: We encounter Jesus in the face of the poor and the needs of our parish.
  • In Prayer: We attend mass, pray before Jesus, and prepare for a holy reception of the Sacraments.

To learn more about our program visit the Faith Formation Programs page on our website.  To register your child for the upcoming program year, complete a registration form and return it to the parish office with your payment.  Forms can be found in the back of church, or may be downloaded from the parish website.

SH Faith Formation (Grades 1-8) Enrollment Form 2017-2018

SH Youth Faith Formation (Grades 1-8) Schedule 2017-2018 (Rev 2)


3 Sep

The Way, The Truth and Light!

If ever there is a clear and coordinated message in the Sunday Scripture readings, it is today! In the first, the great prophet Jeremiah laments that what God has called him to do is anything but enjoyable from a merely human point of view (preach a message to his friends and contemporaries which they vehemently don’t want to hear, and react accordingly). Yet, because he truly loves the Lord, he cannot resist doing what the Lord desires.

In the second reading, brief as it is, the challenge: “Do not conform yourselves to this age” remains the challenge for all ages, and for anyone with a conscience, especially ours.

In the Gospel, Jesus presents the classic expression of the challenge: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me… What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life.”

To try to put it in contemporary terms, if we truly love Christ, and therefore trust him, we cannot go with the flow of our contemporary culture/age. Even if we have to risk alienating those close to us, as did Jeremiah, we must stoutheartedly remain true to our vocation to be Christ, the way the truth and light to our world, whatever the momentary cost.

2 Sep

Sacred Heart Septemberfest

Sunday, September 24 from 1-4pm, summer is certainly not over, but save the date for the SeptemberFest with your Sacred Heart Community. There is no charge for this picnic. It will be an afternoon full of great food and fun activities! And because we could all use some sweetening up, please plan to bring a dessert to share to the Parish Picnic!  Location: Brunswick Town Park on North Lake Avenue. See you there!

31 Aug

Personalized Commemorative Brick

Purchase an engraved brick to commemorate your involvement at Sacred Heart. We will place the engraved bricks around the new Sacred Heart statue on Pawling Avenue. You choose the wording, and we will make your personalized brick a permanent part of the Sacred Heart Community campus. Your personalized brick costs only $100 and makes a wonderful, unique gift and a lasting legacy!

4 x 8 Brick ($100) with up to 3 lines of text. Maximum of 14 characters per line, including letters, dots, dashes, periods, spaces, etc. Order form available at the bulletin board at the rear of the church, at the rectory, or click on the downloadable order form: SH Personalized Brick Info Flyer and Order Form Payment by Cash/Checks (made payable to: Sacred Heart Church) is required with completed order form. Need more information? Please view the Information Flyer and Order Form or call 518.274.1363 with any questions!

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