Volunteers Needed

Would you like to help in the following areas: Decorations, KinderPlatz, Food/Drink, or Clean-up?  If so, please call Liz Pendergast at (518) 274-1363 ext. 6 or email: ymsacredhearttroy@gmail.com


Christmas Flower Donations

Don’t forget to use the Christmas Flower envelope in your mailing packet. Additional envelopes may be found in the back of church. They are provided to remember or honor your special loved ones this Christmas Season.

Donations collected are used to help offset decorating expenses for Christmas. Please print CLEARLY. Flower donation list will be in the back of church after Christmas. DEADLINE for flower donations is
Monday, December 16th.


Giving Thanks

The following homily was delivered by Rev. John J. Yanas, Pastor of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church located at 310 Spring Avenue, Troy NY on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019:

Thank You Homily: In 1994, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, recently declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, was the featured speaker at the annual National Prayer breakfast in our Nation’s capital. In her prepared remarks she told the following story:

“One evening several of our sisters went out and we picked up four people from the street. One of them was in a most terrible condition. So she told the sisters, ‘You take care of the other three. I will take care of the one who looks the worst.’ I cleansed her and put her in bed, and there was such a beautiful smile on her face.

She took hold of my hands and said two words in her native language, Bengali, ‘Thank you’. Then she died.

What would I say if I were in her place? I would have drawn attention to myself: ‘I am hungry, I am dying, and I am in pain’ she gave me grateful loving… dying with a smile on her face. Even those with nothing can give thanks.”

Her remarks were received warmly by the assembled guests. Indeed, they gave her a standing ovation! Undoubtedly, they were all grateful for her extraordinary Christian witness.

In an affluent, self-indulgent culture words of thanks are seldom heard. Acknowledging the Lord as the source of all blessings is ignored, if not denied. Why must one say “thank you” if one is entitled to whatever a citizen desires? Frequently it is the most disadvantaged and needy among us that are often the most grateful!

One of the spiritual masters of the Christian Church, Meister Eckhart, gave some sensible advice to the Christian faithful: “If the only prayer you say in your life was thank you that would suffice.”

Early in life, most of us learn an important lesson from our parents. Parents begin to civilize their children when they receive a gift. “What do you say”? And they expect from them the correct response: “thank you.”

Surely, it is appropriate for us to gather this morning for the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist. The word Eucharist means “to render thanks”.

In his letter to the nascent Christians of Thessalonica, St. Paul implores them to offer praise and thanksgiving to God. “For in all things give thanks to God, because this is what he expects of you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thes. 5:18) Today, brothers and sisters you have heeded the words of the Apostle.

May our Lord bless your day.



Altar Bread and Wine Memorials

Our Altar Bread and Wine for the month of November has been gifted in memory of Hourigan and Mamone Families by Vicki Hourigan and Family.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Father Yanas, Father Vaughan, and the Staff of Sacred Heart Church and School wish all the people of our parish a blessed Thanksgiving. On a day of travel for most Americans, we implore God’s protection on you and your loved ones.

“Let us give thanks to the Lord Our God”


School News

NO School: The school will be closed on November 27-29 for Thanksgiving.

Colonie Center Concert and FIVE GUY’S Fundraiser: The children will be performing on Monday, December 9 – 6:30pm on the first floor of Colonie Center outside of the Boscov’s store. Five Guy’s is also hosting a fundraiser for us from 4-8 pm on that date. Please submit a flyer (available from the school office) when ordering so that SHS gets the credit. Please join us in this holiday cheer!

Holiday Cooking: Please register your Price Chopper/Market 32 Advantage card using our code #15859 and shop for your holiday meals and goodies. Points earned will be used to purchase equipment and supplies in early 2020.

Box Tops for Education: Clip and submit the Box Tops for Education labels found on participating products. Some of these include: Ziploc, Scott, Kleenex, cereals, Hefty, Annie’s, Land O Lakes, Reynold’s, Green Giant, Pillsbury, etc. A complete listing can be found on the bulletin board outside of the school office.

Thank You: Special thoughts and prayers of gratitude to all who have supported our school in so many ways! We pray that your continued kindness be returned to you in special blessings every day!


New To the Parish… Welcome!

We are happy to have you in our community and hope that you will enjoy a truly Christian experience with us.

Please call or stop by the rectory to register (518) 274-1363. This helps us for sacraments, sick calls or any other assistance you may need. Thank you!


Sacred Heart Memorial Fund

Some may be aware of the Sacred Heart Memorial Fund. For those who are not, Father Yanas, along with the members of the Liturgy and Finance Committees are pleased to announce that as of this year, all bequests made in memory of a relative or friend will be placed in the Memorial Fund Account and will be earmarked for refurbishing our pews.

As many have noted, this project is long overdue and is now a top priority. For your convenience, Memorial Fund Envelopes are available on the bulletin table, or at the rectory, with the program at a funeral, and most times during wake services.


Scripture Reflection

Perhaps the most important decision we make in life is the realization is that our contemporary secular culture is incompatible with Christianity. We thus must be alert to the need to constantly be making choices. Just to go along with what the majority of folks think and do is a disaster and a betrayal of Jesus’ offer of salvation.

Make no mistake about it. The brothers spoken about in today’s first reading had a choice. They could have avoided personal pain by simply going along with the prevailing philosophy. It might even have seemed that their unwillingness to go along was disturbing the peace. Psychologists tell us that when the chips are down, most people will go with the flow. God sent His son into our world to challenge that mentality. He offers us the graces/strength to successfully resist and follow the one true “road”, whatever it takes, to share in His resurrection.

As we hear in God’s word today: for the secular mentality, there will be no resurrection!


Family Mass

Our next Sacred Heart School Family Mass will be on Sunday, November 17th at 8:30 am. The children are asked to dress in their school uniform.


School News

Pasta Night: Please join us for our Pasta Night with Michael’s Famous Meatballs on Wednesday, November 13th from 4:00-7:00pm at the Franklin Ballroom Downtown. The cost is $12.00 for an adult and $5.00 for a child (ages 12 and under). Pre orders/payment would be much appreciated.

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