26 Jun

2016 Bishops Appeal Update

We can do this… hit our goal of $76,493.00! If everyone would just give a small gift/pledge we will succeed. At this time we have 193 gifts/pledges for a total of $61,577.80. Envelopes are in the rear of church and can be mailed or dropped in the collection basket. You may also donate online at www.TheBishopsAppeal.org. Thank you to all who have responded so generously.

26 Jun

Seize the Day!

Sweden-20110906-090The philosophers of the ancient world had an axiom: “Carpe diem”, literally: seize the day. Some may remember the 1989 Robin Williams movie: Dead Poets Society which interpreted that phrase to mean live the present moment with gusto. Spiritual guides in the Christian era used the phrase: “the sacrament of the present moment” wherein they focused on the uniqueness of each given moment in the circumstances of each unique life as an opportunity to grow in holiness.

Today’s Scripture readings seem to be reminding us that God is not a big fan of procrastination, diffusion, or excuses for hesitation when He has something in mind for us to do. Not to seize the sacrament of the present moment might even be spiritually fatal.

In the primitive Aramaic that Jesus spoke “muth” was the only word used to express the past, present and future forms of the word death. Which therefore could mean have died, is dying, and/or will die.

Biblical scholars therefore believe that in modern English what Jesus said to the man in today’s Gospel who wanted to delay his calling was: “Let those who are going to die (i.e. who choose to die), bury those who have already died.” The implication is: if you want life, do as I ask, NOW!

26 Jun

Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Counseling

DSC_6709Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling is now available at Sacred Heart Church! The ministry of Spiritual Direction offers an opportunity to develop one’s relationship with God, heal from past hurts, and grow in greater self-awareness. If you would like help living out the Christian call to love, are grieving, find it hard to forgive, feel stuck in anger or bitterness, need help with prayer, are burdened with negative attitudes, spiritual direction may enable you to experience more of Christ’s love, peace, and joy.

I am offering my services to the Community at Sacred Heart Church. If you are interested in spiritual direction or pastoral counseling, or just have some questions, please call Cyndi Herman DMin at 727-6112. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

25 Jun

Gluten Free

Altar Vessels - 01There seems to be more and more information coming out regarding gluten intolerance; we see it so often. Many places (i.e. businesses) are now providing gluten-free products. We at Sacred Heart offer gluten-free altar breads. It would be our privilege to offer you one of these hosts so that you may receive Our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

All you need do to receive a gluten free host is inform one of the sacristans prior to Mass. They will place a gluten-free host in a pyx and place it on the altar to be consecrated. When you come up in the Communion line the priest likely will recognize you, but if not simply tell him of your desire to receive the gluten-free host.

25 Jun

Hard of Hearing?

Sacred Heart has procured several devices designed to aid the hearing impaired while attending Mass. The devices connect directly to the church’s audio system and they significantly amplify sounds heard by the user. Use of the transmitter is free; however, we ask that all either provide their own earpiece or purchase one from the church for the modest fee of $7. If interested, please contact the sacristan before Mass

20 Jun

Heroin Addiction Program Planned

Heroin Addiction1Sacred Heart Church will host an informative presentation entitled, “Spring Avenue – Part of the Heroin Highway through Rensselaer County” on Tuesday, June 21 at 7pm. A 90 minute movie, “The Hungry Heart” will be shown and on Thursday, June 23 at 7pm there will be a panel presentation on the scope of the heroin problem, locally.

Both events will occur in the church, and are open to the general public. This program is appropriate for ages 13 and above. But it is suggested that those under age 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

19 Jun

The Body of Christ!

SHCongregation - 01I think we all have had the experience of being asked: “Who are you”? To which we usually answer with our proper name. And when asked “What are you” do we not often answer with our occupation, or what we do in our lives? In today’s second reading St. Paul would encourage us to include another dimension in our answers. We who are baptized are the body of Christ, and in that there are no distinctions of race, social class or gender. “Neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free person, there is not male or female.”

We are all one in Christ. Awareness of this reality needs to be part of our everyday living. We need to embrace it as part and parcel of our personal identity. As such, as both today’s first reading and the Gospel reminds us, our adherence to Christ may well trigger rejection by those contaminated by the spirit of the world. Our calling is not to win a popularity contest. Remember, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is courage. Use it or lose it!

19 Jun

Happy Father’s Day

DSC_6526On behalf of Father Vaughan, Fr. Powhida, myself and the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our fathers and grandfathers a very Happy Father’s Day! All fathers and grandfathers both living and deceased will be remembered in the masses and prayers throughout the month of June. – Fr. Yanas

18 Jun

2016 Bishop’s Appeal Update

2016 SHC BA 78 Percent of GoalWe have passed the $60,000.00 mark. Can we aim for our goal of $76,493.00 If everyone would just give a small gift/pledge we can do it! At this time we have 186 gifts/pledges for a total of $60,392.80.

Envelopes are in the rear of church and can be mailed or dropped in the collection basket. You can also donate online at www.thebishopsappeal.org. Thank you to all who have responded so generously.

12 Jun

The Need For Forgiveness

SCPS-150402-018Do you see a common theme present in all three Scripture readings today? If anyone was God’s favorite in the Old Testament it was David. If anyone was the people’s favorite it was David, so much so that the Messiah/Savior was to come from David’s line. Yet, David was not without sin as the tale of his indiscretions with Bathsheba reminds us.

What is more important, however, is David’s immediate willingness to admit he has sinned. This is what endeared him to God. We find this quality further fine-tuned in the Gospel story wherein the protagonist may very well have had a disreputable past, but what counts in Jesus eyes is that her life is now changed because she loves Him much. These two examples of sanctified repentance are in contrast to the Pharisaic mentality which, mistakenly, fails to recognize the need for forgiveness. And believes one can live a good life by one’s own resources alone without any help (grace) from God.  This attitude is what St. Paul alludes to in today’s second reading.

It’s a big mistake to think that an attempt to adhere to external rules alone, without the gift of love attached, and without the admission that we often fall short, will please God!

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